Antler New Homes Podcast, Episode 13 – Homeless to housebuilder, a remarkable journey, with Joe Dorrington and Mel Finaly of Imperial Homes

In this episode, Simon is joined by Joe Dorrington, MD of Imperial Homes, as well as Marketing & Sales Manager, Mel Finlay.

In this heartfelt conversation, Joe opens up about his journey from being a homeless drug addict at the young age of 13, to heading up one of the South Coast’s leading property development companies.

Beginning his construction career in 1999, Joe’s unrelenting dedication to sobriety and his pursuit of financial freedom helped him establish himself as a highly regarded name in the industry, co-founding Imperial Homes 10 years ago. 

Joe’s story is an inspirational one, and Mel’s praise of the business and passion for her work is testament to how difficult experiences can help build and positively shape a company’s culture and values.

An excerpt from Joe’s story: “I couldn’t really find any way out. It was a very difficult period. I remember I was sleeping in doorways and a few things that pop up when I think about it was how cold a floor is when you sleep on it, it could be warm on the top, but just so cold underneath.”

An inspiring episode, not to be missed!

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