Antler New Homes Podcast, Episode 7 – Home Staging as a marketing tool, with Natalie Evans, Founder & CEO of Little Barn Door

In our latest episode, I’m joined by Natalie Evans, Founder and CEO of home staging company, Little Barn Door. 

Founded in 2018, Little Barn Door was born from Natalie’s experience of preparing her own property to go on the market. She developed a passion to help homeowners, estate agents and developers achieve optimal results through the use of home staging solutions.

In what can often be quite a formal industry, Natalie is a breath of fresh air in the sector, offering creative insight and sharing her experience as one of the leading home stagers in Hampshire and beyond.

Topics covered in this episode include:

  • Why housebuilders should consider home staging as part of their marketing strategy
  • The difference between home staging and interior design
  • The benefits of home staging for housebuilders
  • Natalie’s views on the market at the moment and what she feels is broken

…and much more!

“For me, the show home is; you walk in and you are immersed in a whole experience, whether it’s the fragrance, whether it’s the décor, the wall dressings, the window dressings, just that complete dramatic experience. Whereas a staged property can be very different, it can really support you to not only show the vision of the property and show the space of the property, but also overcome any difficulties that certain units may have.”

Another great episode, enjoy!

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