Antler New Homes Podcast, Episode 9 – The first housebuilder to enter the metaverse, with Mark Swaddle, Head of Marketing at Spitfire Homes

As the metaverse approaches, what does this mean for housebuilders?

In the latest episode of the Antler New Homes Podcast, I sit down with Mark Swaddle, Head of Marketing at Spitfire Homes; the first UK housebuilder to launch a show home and marketing suite in the metaverse!

As a forward-thinking housebuilder, Spitfire’s aim has always been to raise the bar of quality in housebuilding, and their marketing aspirations are no different. As a key player in the business, Mark and his team are constantly thinking differently about how they can engage buyers in new and exciting ways, and pave the way for an exciting new future in customer experience.

In this episode, Mark shares Spitfire’s concept that enables customers to experience a fully immersive tour in the metaverse.

Other topics covered include:
• Why it’s important for housebuilders to use the latest technologies
• How the idea of entering the metaverse came about
• Barriers to creating in the metaverse
• The difference between VR and the metaverse
And much more!

“Launching into this market where we’ve got a whole new range of buyers to go after, a completely new target audience, this is a really nice way for us to say, “Look, we think differently, we’re fresh, we’re innovative, we’re agile.” I’ve read some stats recently that two thirds of people don’t actually know what the point in the metaverse is, which is nuts.”

Another great episode – enjoy!

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